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    THE MYSTERY SHOP is traveling theatre specializing in adult and children's interactive mysteries.

    We excite the mind as well as the funny bone. Your kids will be delighted by the excitement, adventure and FUN of solving a challenging mystery or participating in any of our interactive programs.

    Hosting a Mystery Shop event is EASY - you provide the location and we'll do the rest! The price would depend on the show(s) you choose. Our children's mysteries are age-appropriate: Grades K-2 or 3-6.

    We also have a history mystery (Grades 3-6) about Paul Revere. We recommend 100 children maximum per show. We have middle school and high school programs as well.

    Our ensemble-based Storytelling program is designed for any size group, any age and any amount of time (up to two hours). We also have a children's program designed for small groups (20 children and under).

    Perfect for birthday parties! It's a one hour program called: CSI: Kids (Creating, Solving, Interacting). The kids not only solve a mystery, but help to create it as well.

    Give us a call - we'll be happy to ''clue'' you in! Serving corporate, non-profit and private parties for 25 years!